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GFA Stadium Exhibition

Client: GFA
Date: August 2015

Project Brief:
Provide 3 large screen televisions to showcase the video concept of the new Gibraltar Football Stadium.

Equipment provided:
2 x 60″ Sharp Full HD LED Televisions
1 x 80″ Sharp Full HD LED Television
3 x heavy duty trolleys
3 x USB dongles with video content
Portable PA System with microphone

Works Involved:
Lay mains extension cable from one vault to another, using the exterior pathway. Make sure all cabling is secured to the exterior wall to prevent any trip hazards. Setup TV’s on the trolleys and make sure power was being received by all. Testing of the USB content. In this case, the audio tracks were not compatible with the TV system so we had to convert the video files again to a format that would be compatible. For vault 3, the file on the USB dongle was a PDF document – we had to convert each page into a JPEG and then create a movie from each individual page. Lastly, provide a quick step-by-step guide on how to turn on the TV and how to start the playback of the USB content.

Just another service provided by Hammonds – if there’s a chance we can do it – we’ll do IT!

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